The Knowledge Exchange brings together multiple stakeholders, including practitioners, researchers, family members, and policy makers in order to systematically share knowledge across geographic and organizational barriers about the lived realities of our society’s families. 

The main purpose of the Knowledge Exchange is to connect people and organizations so that we can more effectively work together to increase the well-being of our families and the people who compose them through the sharing and expansion of this international knowledge base. 

In doing so we strive to share successes and resources as we work to co-design solutions to increase the well-being of all of our families. The overall goal of our work is to ensure that the systems, processes and ways of thinking about family used by our society’s institutions are in-line with, or are able to be adapted to, the realities of the dynamic, diverse, multi-faceted, and evolving nature of our families.

Using a combination of approaches including reports, reviews, newsletters, curated discussions and in-person meetings we are creating a space of sharing and experiential knowledge growth to better help support our society’s families and those working to help improve their well-being. 

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